Automated sale service with a decentralized database of all transactions and a rating of goods and suppliers on the blockchain technology

About Service

Our mission is to simplify interactions between customers, suppliers and logisticians

Benefits for customers

Large base of construction materials on one platform

Opportunity to work directly with suppliers without intermediaries

Elimination of corruption in the supply department through automation

Tracking of the product at all stages ( you will always know where is your product)

Benefits for suppliers

Automated platform for selling your product

Immediate exit to a wide range of customers of construction materials

Opportunity to work directly with customers without intermediaries

Optimization of expenses on marketing and sales department

Benefits of franchising for warehouses

Orders for the entire network of Aida.Market users

Convenient and free WMS- Warehouse Management System

System of notifying you and a customer about loading, unloading and payment

Automated document workflow (invoice, act, power of attorney)

Why it is advantageous for logistics to work with our service

Convenient CRM system to control orders

GPS tracking of the transport; logist always up to date where is his machine

No subscription fees; only royalty on the fact of transportation from the service

Automatic calculation of profitability and targeted delivery of orders

Become our partner

Anyone can become our partner: from housewife to advertising agent

Сonvenient system of accounting of earned money from sales in the personal account

Opportunity to use own connections and contacts

Access to the widest range of goods and opportunities for pre-sale

Advantages for the Government

E-commerce development

Legalization of payment for building materials

Reduction of digital development

Using of new technology (Blockchain)

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